Ideally suited for use in communal areas such as car parks and walkways. Sunnfjord is a powder coated aluminium head. For use on posts With 76mm external diameter at top.

* Lens for 1507 and 1508 is frosted.

* Art 1509, adapterfor 76/60mm suitable to use with with poles ø 60mm

Sunnfjord 1507, 1508 Sunnfjord 1507, 1508
Accessories Art. 1509 Accessories Art. 1509
Sunnfjord Sunnfjord
Art Colour Glass Code Watt Socket IP Class  EEI
1507 Aluminium Clear 1507AL 46,7W LED Module 55 I  A++
1507 Graphite Clear 1507GR 46,7W LED Module 55 I  A++
1508 Aluminium Clear 1508AL 31,5W LED Module 55 I  A++
1508 Graphite Clear 1508GR 31,5W LED Module 55 I  A++
Accessories for art. Sunnfjord. (Suitable to use with poles ø 60mm)
Art Type Farge Code
1509 Adapter for 76/60mm Aluminium 1509AL
1509 Adapter for 76/60mm Graphite 1509GR